Passive Income 

Passive Income  

How to Make Passive Income Plus Residuals
with NO Selling and Just
One $10 Site

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Passive Income

Passive Income

A Passive Income Opportunity That Can Passive IncomeAdvertise ANYTHING for you, sell for you automatically, deliver for you instantly & pay you unlimited $100 bonuses plus residuals!

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Passive Income Ideas

 Ideas to Make Passive Income with a Build It Yourself Website & Blogs That Can Promote Anything Online Automatically for You!

$10 Build It Yourself WebS
ite & Wordpress® Blogs with Training To Advertise Anything for Free!  

Each basic $10 GDI website comes with a complete website, your own domain name and 5 Wordpress® blogs to promote anything you want online. If you can use a computer, you know how to build a GDI website and blog to make extra money from home. GDI provides training videos for both websites and blogs.  There's also a question and answer section on the website builder to help you.  Join GDI on this site and you can learn how to get tons of free traffic (free prospects) for anything you are promoting with your GDI website & blogs.

Make Passive Income

Passive Income Streams

 Create Multiple Passive Income Streams Promoting Affiliate Products and Programs On A Website & Blogs that has it's Own Affiliate Program!

Passive Income Streams

Things That Can Be Sold Automatically Via Video or Replicated Sites Allow You To Earn Passive Income Automatically. Videos Can Do the Selling for You 24/7 Like the One Linked to the Image Above! This is the GDI WebStart System's Own Affiliate Program.

"A Free Banner Provided for You within the GDI Back Office,  Which You Place On Your Website or Blog, Can Link to Free Affiliate Videos That Do the Selling for You!"

Use Your GDI Sites to Promote ANYTHING Online by getting your sites to the top of the search engines.  We can teach you how!

Make Passive Income

How to Make Passive Income

Income from HomeYou really can make passive income doing what you love to do by setting up a $10 build it yourself website and blogs that make sales for you and pay you affiliate income and passive income over and over down many levels and in multiple ways. 

Just create the website or blog about what you love to do and use it to promote what you want. If you create your website and/or blog with GDI, you'll have access to free affiliate videos that can make automatic sales for you just by putting a text or banner link on your website or blog.

The GDI sales made for you by the video sites can help you make passive income 4 ways:

  1. Each 5 confirmed sales per week = $100 bonus
  2. 1 confirmed sale per month = sharing a team bonus worth up to $7,500 a month
  3. Unlimited Residuals up to 5 levels deep can pay you monthly for life!

In addition, if you create your website or blog with GDI, you'll also have access to our training that can help your site get top ranking on the search engines. Being at the top of search engine results means more free traffic for you and that means more passive income for you!


What is Passive Income?

According to Wikipedia, "passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it."

Generally, passive income allows you to do the work or set up once, and earn over and over from the same work with little or no effort.

Examples of Passive Income

  • Rental Income from Property
    (Including Renting a Room)
  • Reverse mortage from home equity if you're 62+
  • Interest from a bank account
  • Royalties from publishing an intellectual product like a book, software product or your part in a movie or show.
  • Commissions from repeat sales you made once but are serviced by others.
  • Business income from part or all of one or more businesses you own but don't participate in managing.
  • Dividends from stocks or bonds*

*In the USA, the IRS does not consider dividend income from stocks or bonds to be passive income.


Passive Income Opportunities

We've combined the best of both worlds to create passive income with little or no cost.  We use $10 GDI websites to promote 2 great passive income opportunities,  Global Domains International and GBG Business Opportunity. Our $10 websites link to videos and replicated sites provided free by those opportunities.  The videos and replicated sites do the selling for us!   Because we set the links up on our own sites, we're able to promote our $10 sites to show up at the top of search engine results and this gives us free advertising.  Sales and passive income are made for us automatically with this system!